Don't forget a whole lot of excitement and good humor!

  • A riding helmet (recommended - it may be a condition of your insurance, please check)

  • A wide-brimmed sun hat or cap (preferably with a strap)

  • Light-weight riding shoes/jodhpur boots and comfortable shoes for in camp.  

  • Sunglasses on a string 

  • bandana/buff to help protect from sun and dust

  • Comfortable clothes to ride in including jodhpurs/long trousers and chaps, long sleeved cotton shirts, jersey or long sleeved fleece

  • Lightweight waterproof/windbreaker jacket. Layering is key as temperatures fluctuate during day

  • Warm clothes for evenings and to sleep in including a beanie socks and gloves

  • Underwear and socks (cycling shorts or ski pants help with chaffing)

  • Shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops or comfortable clothes to wear around camp and showers

  • Sunblock, lip balm

  • a towel,  personal toiletries and mosquito repellent. 

  • Personal meds including plasters to protect areas of skin that might chafe, antihistamine and antiseptic cream, eye-drops. Anyone with chronic medical conditions should discuss medication with their doctor 

  • Head torch, camera spare batteries, memory card 

  • sweets to suck between canters

  • Soft luggage bag, well labeled

  • A good sense of humour! ​